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October 1

The Nelson Siblings

Thank you to all of you who read the letters sent back from three WW2 theatres of the war.  We thought you might like to read an “ending” for them. Some of you may be wondering where and how they were found.  Most of them were addressed to “Jean and Jerry” (Jerry was the brother who was not in the war due to medical reasons.)  He and Jean were newly married and unknown to others, they kept all of the letters they received.  Their son found them in a shoebox several years ago.

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Big Stone Lake, South Dakota

Big Stone Lake, South Dakota

“Dear J. & J.

I am having a good time. I came to Milbank Sun. nite. Everybody are fine here and Odin is home. The news said today the 8th Div. sailed for U.S. today, so Beany should be in N.Y. Sat. I’m coming home Tues. nite on No. 6. 

Greetings from all.

Love, Mother”


Streetcar At Fort Snelling Station

Streetcar At Fort Snelling Station

“Dear Beany,

Our last mail from you was your letter of Sept 13th- how about exercising your arm a little more often? Guess this letter is a few days late, so I’d better not kick.

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Jerry September 26th, 1945

September 24

“Dear Beany, Received  your letter of Sept. 13th. Sounds like you had a nice trip to Luxembourg City. Tell us more about it.

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Beany September 25th, 1945

September 21

“Dear Jean and Jerry, I was rather surprised to hear that you had sold the car- more so to hear what you got for it. I think you did a wise thing and am glad you didn’t wait for my approval. It wouldn’t have been worth half as much this fall. It must have been [...]

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