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Beany September 8th, 1941

July 16

Hotel Mayfair, Dallas, Texas

Hotel Mayfair, Dallas, Texas

“Dear Jerry,

I was just thinking about you being in Appleton about ready to leave for St. Paul. I hope you see the folks again when they come thru Mpls. Don’t get lonesome when they leave- you and I will write real often to each other. I just finished writing to Dolores and the Folks.

Walt and I were over to see these girls I told you about. We just got back. They asked us over for the weekend. We had some very good meals but not much else. They live on a small farm on the edge of town. The are a little old fashioned.

We drove to Dallas Sat night and went to a carnival and then we roller-skated. Does that sound like me? That’s about their speed so we were a little disappointed.

I plan on taking a picture of myself in my uniform for Dad’s present but I can’t get it done until he gets back. I told him he’d get it then. I’m going to send him a telegram tomorrow. Don’t tell him what the present is.

You must have had a good time over Labor Day. Jean and you have been doing a lot haven’t you? Don’t overdo yourselves because you both may get a little stale. You know how it sometimes gets- you run out of things to do. Go on a few steak fries and short trips rather than dancing too much.

Dolores said she likes your present very much. The State Fair is held here at Dallas the last part of the month. If I can hit in a game I may go. My luck is still kinda bad. I’ve had to tap my bank book a couple of times- I’m going to quit that though. I’d rather do without things for awhile.

We start on the Machine Gun tomorrow so I should have it fairly easy with that. We’re half done here now. Seven weeks to go.

Write soon.

As ever,


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