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Beany October 10th, 1941

August 10

Army Recreation Hall

Army Recreation Hall

“Dear Jerry,

Boy today was a happy one. I got birthday cards from Mom & Dad, Eleanor & Winnie. Candy from Jean and you and a big angel food from the folks. I had to share the cake with the fellows around me but I’m saving the candy for myself.

I’m writing this in the Army recreation hall here in Mineral Wells as you can tell by the change in stationary. I guess I told you about all the little beer joints and red light joints that had sprung up near and in this town. Well an order came out restricting all soldiers from about 25 of them- so if you get caught in any of them you’re subject to court martial. It’s a good thing because all they cared about was your money and there wasn’t anything in them to do but drink beer.

Say I fell asleep during the showing of a film today and the penalty is K.P. for Sunday so I won’t be able to celebrate my birthday the whole weekend.

Just because you got your questionnaire is no indication you’re ready to go. Remember how long it was for me?

Say-you’re really getting serious over little Jeanie- buying clothing alike and going to church with her. Thats O.K. more power to you.

I have a few more pictures for you- I had a few made of each so you’ll see the same ones at home or at Dolores’. Haven’t you had yours finished yet? I’d like to see one in that new topcoat and suit next to that car of ours.

It’s still warm here- tonight I am wearing my white sport shirt and am sweating. Sound funny?

No more news of Camp- two more weeks to go after this one.

Thanks again for the card, candy and the present I am expecting Jerry and remember don’t worry about the draft!!

As ever,


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