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Nellie October 6th, 1941

August 5

Milly with Lorne in Hawaii

Milly with Lorne in Hawaii

“Dearest Ome,

Well how’s my boy? Fine I hope.

I still have that cold hanging on. My side is not quite so sore now but I sure have suffered. Its raining out again today and yesterday sure was a miserable day.

Pernel was sent to Maryland, him and 6 other boys left Ft. Snelling Sat morning at 11.

I’m sending you Milly’s letter I got today. I got both at once and then when you have read them you send them to Beany and tell Beany to send them to me when he writes cause I like to save them.

I wrote to Beany last week a long letter and sent him a dollar for stamps. Today I am sending him the Sun. paper, a birthday card and a cake. I ordered a angel food cake, frosted and had Happy Birthday put on it. At the Candy Kitchen they are going to wrap it for me to, and put (This side up). They said they have sent quite a few to GA and got there fine.

You send the shoes and hose to him from us all and you let us know what it all cost and Cliff and Dad and I will settle with you when you come home.

Cliff ordered a Golfdom Magazine for him from Milly, $1.50 for 10 months.

What did you do Sun? I spose him was with his girl all day.

I was so glad to hear from Milly & Susan. I was just sick when I didn’t hear. One letter must have been delayed some were. Milly’s letter is sure interesting. Am so glad they like it and that she got there safe. They sure must have a nice place to live.

Cliff was out hunting Sun but didn’t have no luck a tall. They were home for dinner today. Last Mon “Ome” was home for dinner to- when are you coming home again?

I want to go back with you next time to get myself some fur to match my coat so I can get it fixed up for winter. I might can get it fixed up cheaper in the cities to as the dress maker here wants $10.00. To much when you have to buy the fur besides.

How’s this for a long letter, you write me only 1 page.

Please write soon and come home Sat eve if you can.

Let us know what you got for Beany and how much.

With kisses & lots of love

Mother, Dad & Bro Cliff  & Sniffy”

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