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Beany December 2nd, 1941

September 16

Ft Jackson Camp Snapshots

Ft Jackson Camp Snapshots

“Dear Jerry,

Well we are back to camp and everyone is mighty glad. The first thing was a mad rush for the showers. As soon as I had a shower I was put on K.P. and today I am on guard detail. I don’t mind tho because after these two details are over, I probably won’t get them until in January again.

The next week or two we will be busy cleaning our clothing, equipment and preparing for our leaves. I haven’t heard any more about them yet. I’ll sure try hard to get at least fifteen days.

I plan to spend the first two or three and the last two or three in St. Paul so you might hint around to Lydia and ask her if it is alright. I’ll pay her for the time I spend there.

How long do you think you’ll get for Xmas? Rumors are that some of us will be home for Xmas and some for New Years but probably not both.

Boy we just missed being sent to the Philippines. Everyone heard it might have been the 13th Infantry but they sent the 34th. We may escape foreign service now but you never know what they’ll do next. Don’t mention this to Mom as she may worry.

They are discharging about 25 men that are over twenty-eight so I may have a chance for a promotion of some sort after they reorganize the Company.

Those presents you sent to Lorne, Milly and Susan sounded very nice. I wrote her a long letter the other day. I told them my Xmas presents would follow sometime later.

Say Jerry what do you think I should buy Dolores? You might ask Jean what she thinks would be a good present. Maybe she can think of something Dolores may have wanted sometime or another. I’ll wait until I get home to buy it. You can look around some noon and maybe spot something.

Thanks for taking care of my clubs and the prestone. I look at those pictures of the old bus now and then and am anxious to drive it again.

I guess I told you we had our Turkey dinner last Sunday. Mom told me all about yours. It sounded mighty good. She sent me a carton of Luckies and a book of stamps. You can’t imagine how nice all the things are to get that you all have been sending. I’ll repay you all when I get back on my feet.

As soon as I find out more I’ll let you know about my leave. I think it will be around the middle of the month. Don’t know tho.

As ever,


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