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Beany November 29th, 1941

September 14

8th Division field inspection

8th Division field inspection

“Dear Jerry,

About two days left and these maneuvers will be over. Hot dog!

Thanks for the dollar it sure come in handy. That old furlough is coming closer each day. The papers say we are all to get 10 days with some extending to 20 and 30. I hope I get at least 15 as it will take nearly 5 days for traveling alone.

I’m glad to hear Jim is moving in just don’t go tearing out too much. I haven’t had a beer or a drink for over a month.

That old trick knee of mine has been acting up lately. That 45 mile hike I told you about lasted 3 more days and the total was 103. I didn’t mind it much except for the sore feet. It’s just like a summer day out today but the nights are still cold as he_ _.

Ask the folks when they send the Xmas box to Milly & Lorne to add my name and I’ll chip in. I won’t have time to shop.


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