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Nellie November 18th, 1941

September 7

Magnus Nelson

Magnus Nelson

“Hello Jerome. Don’t get worried about me. I have a little bladder trouble, and it bothers my heart a little. I am much better now. Will be OK. Dad”

“My Dearest Jerome,

I got my fur yesterday and thanks Ome. I’ll pay you when you come home. I know where to go when I want some thing dont I? Ome always gives mother things when her asks him for it.

We had a long letter from Beany today. We were so glad to hear from him. We didn’t hear from Ome or Milly yet this week. I wrote Milly a long letter Tues and sent our mail to her. Guess I wrote and told you I sent Beany a cake with the flag frosted on top of the cake. I ordered it from the Candy Kitchen 69¢. They were making them for Army boys.

Dad was to the Dr last week and he told him he had to lay off work a month as he has heart trouble and his gallbladder is bad. Dr gave him medicine for both. But he is going to stay on the section this week, and see how the medicine works and if he isnt any better then he is going to lay off a couple of weeks. He doesnt do any work only stays around.

Don’t write and tell Beany or Milly as they will worry about him and now dont you either as he will be OK if he takes these medicine and keeps quiet.

I had a letter from Milly last week. They are fine. I’ll let you read it when you come home. Now Ome dont come alone. How’s Jean’s mother better I hope. Greet Jean from us. Tell her thanks for sending that card to us.

Cliff is writing to Beany now. I sure wished Beany was threw with those maneuvers. Guess they are pretty tough.

Alvira & I gave a bridge party last Tues eve at Alvira’s house. We had 4 tables, 16 ladies. Tonite is lodge. Last Thurs I worked in Church basement from 3 to 9:30 in the evening Ludefisk supper.

Well Ome we will look for you Sat eve if weather is nice. Now dont you come alone. We dont want you to.

Lots of love to you and your Jean. I spose you see each other every nite you (love-birds). Drop us a few lines please.

Love from us all,


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