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Nellie February 1st, 1942

October 25

Digging air raid shelters in Honolulu

Digging air raid shelters in Honolulu

“Hello our dear Honey,

We got your letter this morning. It seems nice to get the letter as long as Ome didn’t come home. I cried so hard when I read your card last week you were not coming as I had planned so much for you to come. But am glad it is so that I can look forward for you to come and that you are not in the army. Which we hope wont ever be.

Cliff as yet hasnt heard anything either. I wrote Beany a letter before this one and then am going to write to Milly. We havent yet heard from her. The only thing we know we read in the Star paper from Honolulu that they were making plans to send all civilians from Hawaii to Mainland. So I hope they will be safe to come across. I’m so anxious for them to come.

Mabel Olson & I are pretty busy. We are serving business mens supper Mon nite at the W.R.C. lodge and we are the chairman for this to make up the menu and get everything ready. We expect to feed about a hundred men as there is some doings in the armory to for three days also cooking school. I’m going as they are giving prizes and I might be a lucky one. I was in Robbinsdale you remember. I got a bag of canned goods.

Do you expect to give Jean a diamond for Valentine’s day or havent you decided yet? Shes a swell girl and I think the world of her. Greet her from us all.

We are going to a show tonite. Its Sonja Henie in ‘Sun Valley Serenade’.

Cliff just went up town and Dad just woke up from a nap. He paroled track this forenoon from Milan to Odessa. Some foreman does every Sunday now.

Wiff told Lu & Toby he never seen anyone so in love as Jerome & Jean was. Well thats nice. I just wished poor Beany could be in St Paul to working again and be with Dolores. I do hope he won’t be sent away no were. Co M is still in N.J.

I do hope your cold is alright and left you. Yes you get plenty of rest thats the main thing for a cold. I’m sending Beany a cake for Valentines day. Am sending it first of next week. What does Ome want. Wished I could send Milly and Susan a cake to but will send them something. I can’t understand why I dont hear from her.

Hope to see you next Sat nite if weather is nice. Mrs Ittner is sewing me a dress of the goods Milly gave me for Christmas. I bought a skirt for the sweater set you gave me. I love that set. Its from mine Ome you know.

Love Mom, Dad & Cliff and Sniffy of cource.

Write again soon.”

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