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Beany July 24th, 1942

December 9

Returning from drill, Fort Jackson

Returning from drill, Fort Jackson

“Dear J&J,

Sorry if I haven’t written enough lately but they have us jumping and I try to answer all the letters I get which is about a half dozen a week. Glad to hear you are getting settled and have boughten some of your household goods. You may be able to use some of the stuff we had at the apartment.

Days must seem long to you when you have to miss all your meals. It still is far better to do that than sweat out all this monotonous tiresome Army routine. I doubt whether I’ll keep my head much longer. They have been putting so many restrictions and stuff on us it gets everyone disgusted. Maybe it’s because we have been at this camp too long. Indications now point to our shoving off some time in the next month or two. However we have heard this before so don’t know what to make of it. Don’t mention this to Hada as she would worry.

Lila Wells wrote me a long letter today and told me all the news about home, Lucy and some of the other boys around. She seems quite blue about her family being split up so. She said the folks hadn’t got the pass yet and it was doubtful whether Dad would be able to go if it was much later in coming.

Dolores said she would be able to come down in August sometime but I’ll have to wait until I hear more about what’s going to happen to us. Sure hope nothing interferes as I have a great deal to see her about. She just got a raise over at Wards.

Must be a nice place you are moving into. Is that down near Payne Ave? You couldn’t have done better on your frigidaire and stove. Those are two big items to get bought. Don’t try buying everything at once- you have a long time to accumulate everything and it all will come in due time. All of your shower presents should fill up your space somewhat.

Well I have a couple more to write and have to get ready for our usual hike on Thurs. We have been starting at 5 in the morning lately so we cover about 25 miles. Think you could hang on that long?



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