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Beany July 28th, 1942

December 13

US Royal Golf Balls Ad 1942

US Royal Golf Balls Ad 1942

“Dear Jerry & Wifey,

Tonight I am nursing a bad head cold- I guess I played too much golf yesterday and ran my resistance too low. I par a few holes but I don’t have the interest for the game like I did back home. I have my golf shoes now so they help a lot.

The folks have been dropping cards during their trip but are back home by now. They seemed to have had a nice trip. I sent Milly and them a congratulations telegram on their anniversary. Did you remember it?

This is very confidential so don’t let anyone but yourself and Jean read it. You know I told you that Dolores didn’t want a single person but her, Christ and myself to know about buying her ring up there. I guess she wants everyone to believe I picked it out. Well, it is been boughten and sent to me. What a beauty it is! It is a 52 point blue white stone with a yellow gold mounting and ring. It’s slightly over a half a carat and it is really neat. I plan to give it to her when she comes down. I’ll let you know more about the deal I got later. Now remember never to let on that you knew about this.

I don’t know exactly what to say about the car. I know I owe you some money and of course I want to deduct it from the deal. I’m not sure how much it is but I think you had better get an estimate of its value and deduct what I owe you. You won’t need to make any payments until you are better suited to and then I would like to have you send them to Milly for safe keeping for me. We can arrange that with her later.

Don’t feel that I am trying to press you because you didn’t make the Army. I only feel it is wise to do for us both because I may be stuck for a good long time and can get no benefits from the car while I’m here. And on your hand you undoubtedly feel that you aren’t the full owner and you would rather settle with me so you kids can own it by yourselves.

Yes, I hope I will get a chance to see your home sometime. Ward’s furniture is very good and they have a good reputation. Blue is my favorite color. It seems strange to have you married and rigging up a home. Don’t try cooking any beans!

Continue taking care of your health and forget all the things you have to do without. A life of good health is far better than anything else on earth.

I didn’t know you were taking D and J to work- she hadn’t mentioned it in any letters. I’m anxious to see her. I am going to try and get a three day pass when she comes and take her over to Myrtle Beach. It is a summer resort on the Atlantic Ocean.

So long for now-



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