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Beany September 21st, 1942

January 25

Sniffy, Dolores, Milly, Susan, Magnus, Nellie and Jerry

Sniffy, Dolores, Milly, Susan, Magnus, Nellie and Jerry

“Dear Jerry,

Out of ink today so excuse the pencil. I haven’t heard from you lately but I have some spare time and something to tell you.

Our first problem ended last night- We were in reserve for the first two days of the problem but we really caught hell yesterday. We walked almost all day thru woods and over hills and then contacted the red army and our battle began. Everything we do on these maneuvers is exactly as actual combat will be except for the blank ammunition. I certainly welcomed a shave and a change of clothing today.

The big news I have to tell you may startle you both and it came as quite a surprise to me too. Well, Dolores wrote that she had been going out on several occasions with that fellow Johnny whom she went with before I met her. He was discharged from the Army for some reason and has been carrying a torch for her as long as I have gone with her.

She said she had gotten attached to him again and that she wasn’t so sure she liked me well enough to wear my ring. She pointed out various reasons why but I think she doesn’t understand me well enough or else I haven’t made myself open enough to her. She mentioned that something was missing between us. I can understand her wanting to go out now and then and that it is hard for a girl to sit and wait for a guy when he is gone like I am. If I were there to see her I’m sure this difficulty wouldn’t have arisen but I guess I’m the victim of these circumstances so I’ve been slowly forgotten.

I thought it all over very thoroughly and could see no other solution than to call it all off. In her letter it sounded like I was being forced to rather than having herself tell me that it was over. I naturally feel quite badly but next to this my biggest thought is getting back as soundly as I am now. If that happens I can start a new life somehow.

I told her to give the ring to you and I would write you about them. If you would- I would like to have you send the cameo as I have missed it a lot this summer. Keep the diamond until I decide what I’m going to do with it. I’m going to send her the watch and picture. There is nothing more to tell or talk about so if you don’t mind I’d rather that neither of us wrote anymore about it.

I may get a chance to go to Nashville tomorrow. It is about the size of St. Paul. I’m going to cut my hiar short again as it becomes a nuisance out in these hills. This country is nicer than Carolina and the climate is fresher.

If you don’t hear more than once a week don’t worry because I think the weekends will be the only time I’ll have as spare time.

Brother, Beany”

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