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Cliff September 22nd, 1942

January 28

Parade Color Guard

Parade Color Guard

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Well, I’m on my last week of school now. I don’t know yet where I’ll be going or when but I expect to be here next Monday because there is a parade scheduled for graduation exercises. We will be gone before the 30th, though, because our sergeant said we wouldn’t be paid here.

I got your letter Saturday and one from home yesterday. I just finished writing to the folks. I haven’t heard from Beany for a few days.

We had our party on Sat. night and had a very good time. Paul G. was here again yesterday. I won’t see him again here. It sure has been swell meeting someone from home.

It’s been real chilly here the past few days. This morning we could see our breath when we stood revelry. Boy, this summer has sure gone by fast. Hunting season opens Sat. at home- I’d sure like to be there.

Well, how is the stomach now, Jerry? I’ll bet you’ll be glad when you can eat what you want again. How long will it take for the ulcers to heal? Do you think you’ll be called in the Army later- I hope not!

I sure hope I can see you all this fall. I’d like to see your home, too. The folks said it was very nice. It depends on the set-up at my next station whether I’ll apply for a furlough soon or not.

I’ll write again later this week. Greet your folks, Jean, and Dolores. Write soon!

Love, Cliff”

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