Nellie September 13th, 1942

January 19

Section Crew clearing track

Section Crew clearing track

“Dearest Jean & Jerry,

This is Sunday eve and Milly and I are writing letters. I wrote to Beany and Inga and am going to write to Cliff to. Can you imagine we havent heard from Cliff since the letter Milly sent me when I was down to see you. Dad didnt even get a birthday card so I’m worried stiff. I know they have sent him somewhere or he must be sick. There is something up. Hes never done this before. Have you heard lately. Please write and tell me at once.

Bill came here Friday. He expects to be called soon. Hes classed an 1A so he wanted to come and see us before he left.

Dad got your card and shoes and does he ever like them. They fit perfect and he said to thank you and he’ll write you soon.

I suppose you heard about the storm they had at Granite Falls. It took a train with five cars and the engine right off the track and Dad and his men had to go and work all nite Friday nite. He made over $17.00 with over time but he was all in. He also has patroled track three days back and forth as there has been army trains with men and all their trucks and things going thru. Its been nine long trains.

I was down to see one go thru and it made me feel bad as I thought of my boys they do the same. I’m so glad Jerry I can keep you home anyway and see you onces in a while. We sure enjoyed your home and am so glad for you kids.

Susan is fine. She getting to be such a big girl. She talks about Jerry & Jean so much. Milly’s furniture hasnt come yet from the coast. I think I told you she got a notice it was in California and to be shipped here.

Milly bought Dad a $5.00 watch chain last nite. Its sure nice. When are you coming out again. Dont wait to long. Milly is going into the city Fri nite. The Sat nite you come out so she can ride back with you.

Have you seen Dolores ring? Let me know. I must write to her. Greet her from us.

Well must close and write to Cliff. I do hope I’ll hear from him soon.

Good nite with greetings to all.


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