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Beany October 20th, 1942

February 22

Overturned tank

Overturned tank

“Dear J. & J.,

Sunday again and my day to wash clothes, clean equipment, write letters and then rest. Boy, about two more problems and in about two weeks we go back to a bed! Even the Army cot will be a treat. It is fun a lot of the time to live like this but it gets monotonous.

Two tanks from the 4th Armored Division rolled off a pontoon bridge last Thursday while crossing a river and there were six fellows drowned. They haven’t found them yet. One night we drove all night in a blackout. I help my driver drive the truck and enjoy it a lot. We have a half ton weapons carrier that carriers the gun, squad members and all our equipment.

Today is my anniversary date- fifteen months in here now. And I once though a year was long. It wouldn’t be so bad if we had a definite time when we would get out.

Well Minn. Finally won a game yesterday. They cost me a couple of bets on those two upsets. Are you still having jackpots down at the shop?

Mother said they were moving this weekend and that she had the new place all cleaned. It will be much nicer for them there and more rooms for company. (Cliff and I- I hope- around Xmas.)

I got letters from two of Milly’s pupils. They were pretty cute. I told them all about our battle here and about the Army. They ought to get a thrill over them. They also wrote to Lorne, Cliff and John Onstad. He is a Sergeant now.

Yesterday I was thinking about pheasant season opening up. Christ had planned to go out and hunt with Ernie Krier and his gang so Hada will have company. Hope he gets enough as he likes to take back his limit.

Milly hasn’t got any of the four bonds I bought so I’m having them discontinued and will buy them each month or send some money home. The Army takes it’s time with their paper work which accounts for it, I guess.

How’s the stomach these days? Suppose you’ll crown me if I told you I had a two dollar tenderloin on my birthday last Sunday- and with all the trimmings! Then I saw ‘The Moon and Sixpence’ which was excellent.

Cliff likes his camp better now and says he is eligible for a rating now. Hope he gets one.

If we go back to Jackson they have hutments built for us so we will get inside again after living in tents and woods since last March.

That’s all for now children until next weekend. Gotta get ready for next week. The fudge was good Jean!



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