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Beany September 26th, 1942

February 2

Machine gun crew guard bridge during Tennessee Maneuvers

Machine gun crew guard bridge during Tennessee Maneuvers

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Just finished another problem. My squad had it easy on this one. We were posted with our machine gun guarding a crossroad and a convoy of red trucks came up the road. We opened fire with blanks and got a couple jeeps and some men but the umpires ruled that they overpowered us and we were put out of the problem as casualties. The last two days we have been taking it easy.

Tonight I am writing these by our usual fire. I have a candle set up on an ammunition box and am tucked under my blankets. We usually make ourselves comfortable under any condition. One of my squad members has a portable radio so we enjoy that at our bull sessions around the fire.

I had my hair cut about a half inch high so I look like a goon again. It feels good but my head gets cold.

We went up to a farm house the other morning to buy some coffee and they asked us in for a big breakfast. It’s against the rules but we’ve done it some when we get too hungry. Usually before a problem we buy sardines, crackers, beans and things in case our kitchen trucks get captured or lost. My driver has been letting me drive our truck lately- It’s a lot of fun to drive it around these hills.

I wrote to Coney- he is about forty miles from us. We may get together some weekend. He is a Lieutenant now.

So Ward finally come thru with that gift, eh? He has only written me one card since Milly came back. I guess he has charge of a Tank outfit now.

I hear your home is very nice. It must be with all the things you have boughten. Do you have a garage for the car?

I may go to Nashville tomorrow. I didn’t get to go last week so I have been in the woods for two weeks now.

Mom said she expected you home this weekend. Sure do wish I were along.

Must write home and to Cliff yet so toodle-oo.



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