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Nellie January 24th, 1943

April 22

January 1943 Blizzard

January 1943 Blizzard

“Dear Kids,

Rec’d your letter this morning, and what a day, a good old time blizzard. I never seen such a winter. Its kept on now since the New Year. No school tomorrow. Milly sais, ‘such Minnesotan weather’, she sais noone should live here.

We just finished dinner. We had beef roast, potatoes and gravy, asparagus and baked apples. It tasted pretty good. Dad is sleeping. Milly is reading and Susan is playing around and I’m busy writing letters and getting Sun papers and Presses to be sent tomorrow. Mon is my day for papers to all my boys.

We had a letter from both Beany and Cliff this week. Cliff has become a Sgt. Thats swell. He’s ahead of Beany now. He feels pretty good about this. It wont be long tho before Beany will to, the way he wrote. Just so they can stay in the good old U.S.

Have you heard anymore about your other job. I hope you can get out of that cold shop. I really think of you so much as I sure froze in there that Sat. evening. Put on two sweaters in under your shirt and also wool socks.

Will you call Winne and ask her to send my wool scarf. She borrowed it from me that Sat and I need it now. Ill give you a dime for calling when I see you again.

John Halvorsen was found dead in the mill this morning. He was a nite watchman there. It was heart trouble I guess.

Milly hasnt heard from Lorne yet and may not for some time. Poor fellow. He sure got in on it.

Last thurs nite Milly and I were to a bridge party and I won the draw prize, I got a potatoe peeler and its sure good. Thurs afternoon we were up to Ruth’s for coffee.

Did they play Bingo at your mom’s party? I sure wished I could have stayed that nite. Her cakes sure looked nice.

Dad was to the doctor yesterday and he told him he found his heart better but for him not to go to work until April 1st. He sent his insurance papers for the roadmaster to sign. He’ll get his insurance money the 1st of Feb which is $50 a mo. but with what Milly gives us we’ll be O.K. and I have saved some to which will come in handy.

I wrote to Dolores last week and I wrote the boys each a long letter. Am going to write again tonite. Be sure to cut out the pictures of the boys in the Press. It will be 12 in this Press and I left my last Press at your place. Will you cut those pictures out to and you can send them to me in your next letter please.

I cant think of more to write now so will close for now. I’ll write again later in the week. Hoping these lines find you both fine.

Greet the folks.

Much Love Mom

Greetings to you from Dad and Milly and soooooooo many kisses and hugs from Little Susan. Ruth loved the dress you gave Susan. She wore it with us there.”

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