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Cliff February 25th, 1943

May 19

Army Classroom

Army Classroom

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

By now you should have received a letter and a card from me since you wrote your last letter, Jerry. Yesterday I received your letter and the box of candy. The candy was very good, Jean- thanks a lot. Home made fudge is sure a treat.

We have a little snow here now but it isn’t at all cold. Snow usually lasts only a couple of days here.

I guess I told you in my last letter that I am on regular company duty again. We have a little drill and most of the rest of the time is spent in the classroom. It is rather tiresome because there is so much repetition on all the subjects. I hope I can get back to hospital work later on again.

I got a long letter form Hada the first of the week. She is hoping to have you come to Appleton some weekend soon. Better save up your coupons. The weather up there should break soon so that you can get out a little more. I know that Milly will be glad when this winter is over- she was lucky at that to get a school so close to town.

It would be hard to see Beany on a short leave because it wouldn’t be easy to get a pass on the same dates and we are too far apart now. If he goes to California, the connections would be worse yet. I’d sure like to meet him somewhere, though.

I wrote Lorne about a month ago. He wrote Milly that he had received my letter. I don’t expect that he’ll write to anyone but Milly and his folks, though.

I haven’t been doing much at all lately, except a show once in a while. I usually go to town only on weekends. If we are still here this spring, there will be many interesting places to visit when they resorts open up again. Have you heard anymore about the inspector’s job, Jerry?

Thanks again for the candy!



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