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Cliff March 11th, 1943

June 2

Hiking in the Rockies outside Camp Carson

Hiking in the Rockies outside Camp Carson

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your letter last night- I heard from home today and also received the Mpls. paper. I just finished writing to Beany and the folks. Mom is expecting you out this weekend. I hope you get nice weather for the trip.

I hate to see Beany go so far away again but as long as he is lucky enough to stay on this side of the pond, everything will be swell. He sent me a picture of he and two others boys taken in Jefferson City recently and he looks real good. It was the first snapshot I’d seen of him for quite a while. Were you able to get his glasses and cigarette case for him?

Gosh, you people sure will have an income tax to pay this year! At that, people will be lucky if it doesn’t increase next year. It takes plenty of money to finance this war.

How are you feeling now, Jean? Has your side bothered you anymore?

Yesterday I had my first chance to assist in teaching a class. Five of N.C.O’s helped a lieutenant teach a group on first aid, splinting, treatment of wounds and hemorrhages, and artificial respiration. It went fine- I guess we’ll be doing this once a week or so until we have reviewed everything again.

Today we had a hike again. I really enjoyed it because it was cold enough to move right along and it really does a fellow lots of good. I really feel better being able to be outside more. I do hope to get back to X-ray, though, if we ever get organized somewhere.

I am enclosing a couple of pictures we snapped after having our haircuts. They make me look rather hideous, but a short haircut is really O.K. in a place like the Army. None of us have to use a comb for the present. Take them out to show the folks if they reach you in time.

Well, hope you have a nice trip home. S’long for now.

Love, Cliff”

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