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Lorne July 7th, 1943

September 14

Susan On Her Birthday

Susan On Her Birthday

“Dearest Susan,

This note is for your birthday on August 3. I can’t send you any card with a verse and your daddy isn’t very good at making up verses so this note will have to do.

I want you to know though that I am wishing you a happy birthday and that I’ll be thinking of you all day long on your birthday. I’d like to cuddle you in my arms and hear you chuckle like I used to. I love you so very much, Susan, from the first minute I saw you. I can’t decide whom I love more, you or your mother. But it’s a very pleasant indecision.

I want you to grow up to be just like your mother. She’s very lovely you know. Of course it shouldn’t be very hard for you to be like her because it was she who gave you life. And I want you to know that you are the proof of the great love your mother has for me and love which in my own humble way I have tried to return.

There is no need for me to tell you in detail what kind of girl and woman I want you to be. When I say I want you to be like your mother, I’ve summed it all up.

What the years, the months, or even tomorrow will bring, I can’t foresee, but in any case always remember my advice. I love you, Susan- better’n anything, always.

Your daddy, ‘Orne’ “

  • Susan Ward Jurries

    It is very touching for me to read this so many years later!!  Susan

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