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Lorne June 24th, 1943

September 12

Lorne's War Operations Book From June 1943

Lorne's War Operations Book From June 1943

“Dear Pop and Mom, Doug, Elaine, and all the kids,

I have not written for a long time, but it’s not because I haven’t thought about you, but that there is absolutely nothing to write about. We are absolutely bored to death.

Once in a while we have an exciting day as you read about in the papers. I have in mind the day the fliers got 77+ Jap planes right over our heads. Between dodging bombs and watching Jap planes shot down we did not have time to be bored that day, but that was an unusual day. Someone has said that in warfare the side which gets bored first loses the war. I don’t think we will lose the war but this boredom can be quite awful.

I have received Elaine’s letters off and on. Two written in March came just recently. They had been following me around since I was evacuated and returned here.

No, I have no intentions regarding the regular army even if I could be a regular officer. The army has treated me well, but I did not know how happy I was back in Minnesota and if I ever get back I expect to stay put the rest of my life. I don’t think I’ll have any promotions anymore either. After all I am just about at the top for a Reserve Officer you know.

I think I have received every thing you people have sent. Thanks a lot. If you get in any trouble let me know. Maybe I can help out.

Love As Always,


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