Nellie July 12th, 1943

September 20

Minnesota Fishing

Minnesota Fishing

“Dear Kiddos,

Rec’d your letter. I really am ashamed I didnt write a word last week but (believe it or not) when Winnie is around one cant write as she was on the go all the time and wanted me with her. So I wanted her to have a good time on her vacation.

Friday eve Lila had a party for Inga. We played whist and Milly got high score. She got a flower vase shaped like a boat and Inga got guest prize (a hanky). For lunch she had salad, buns, cake, doughnuts, banana bread, pickles, jam and coffee. Sure good. Yesterday I had Lila for dinner and supper. She sure is a good scout.

Those pictures sure looked good. For once I took a good picture to (ha ha). Am getting the negatives developed this week. We took quite a few pictures while Winnie was here.

So you plan to get another job. Well we dont blame you and then you wont have to work so hard either and better wages. I bet Little hates to see you go.

We had a card from Beany and a letter form Cliff. Am sending them each a picture of Dad in their letters this week. Beany said its terrible hot were he is but is soon thru with maneuvers. Wonder were they will send him now?

So Dolores has been home. Has she her vacation or only over the weekend. I wish she could have come here to, to see us.

Milly just left and Susan is hollering her eyes out. Oh boy. Its been so hot here today one can hardly stand it. I havent done any fishing since you were home but expect to tonite. Bill and I are going down to the river here for awhile.

Last Sat nite Lila, Inga, Winnie, Olga Peterson and I went up town and drank some beer. We sure had fun. Milly was to a party and Dad and Bill took care of Susan.

Am sure glad Jean your folks had a good time. I really feel bad cause I know Jacky really didnt enjoy himself. He would have if some more boys from here would have been home, but seems as if there is no one left. War takes them all away. They sure are giving the enemy plenty now. Just so we dont lose to many of our boys. I hope my boys can stay on this side.

Dad feels O.K. He even mowed part of the lawn today and Bill finished. He has to have some exercise to. Were ever he goes Sniffy is right behind him. Dad and Sniffy are sitting out on the lawn now. His hair blowing all over his head. Its really cooling off now.

We had an electric storm here this morning early. We havent had rain for over two weeks. My flowers and garden sure is nice now. I’ll send you a box of cookies soon as it gets a little cooler. To hot to bake. They’ll come some day soon.

Well must close. I have to get some supper. Its 6:15 now and am writing to the boys to tonite after I get back from fishing. Susan cried herself to sleep cause her Mommy went away. Greet everybody and if Dolores is still home greet her from us all.

Write again soon.

Love, Mom”

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