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Nellie June 14th, 1943

September 6

Detroit Riots, June 1943

Detroit Riots, June 1943

“Dear J & J,

I planned to write to you Sunday but Lewis came here Sun morning. He came on No 5 and he went up town and got a room and came here about 9:30 Sun morning. He left again on No 6 for Mpls. and is leaving tonite for Albert Lea. Also Nils and Signe from Monte were here yesterday so I didnt get to do what I planned. It was nice to see them and sure was nice of Lewis to come.

Dad has quite a time with his bladder. It pains him quite a bit. The Dr was here Sat and wanted an Xray of him again so today he had one and is having another Tues. He said Dad had to have his bladder drained cause its poisoning his heart. So we dont know what to think.

We are taking him to Monte Tuesday afternoon to see Dr Bergh before we do anything else. He doesnt sleep well at nite cause it pains him so but he eats good and keeps that down. He feels good only that nasty pain he has to have. He looks good to. He sits on the porch and walked around the yard some, and we take him out riding. He enjoyed yesterday so much as Nils is a card.

We had a letter from Beany today. He over slept and got 70 miles into Cal. The porter didnt wake him so he hitch hiked back but got rides. He got there in time to report. Poor kid.

I sent the pictures on to Cliff to see. We sure are having nice weather now. Today is a perfect day. When are you planning on coming home. Dad sure is anxious for you to come. We all are.

We get so much mail from everybody. Keeps me busy only writing. I only send cards to everyone but my kids. I’ll drop you a note and let you know what the picture shows and after we have been to see Dr Bergh. Maybe Tues eve. Dont worry about him.

Please write. Much Love from all of us, Mom”

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