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Beany October 25th, 1943

November 23

Elgin Watches

Elgin Watches

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Now I am settled again after four days in the field but am definitely not in an Army frame of mind. This past leave was the best I ever had and you guys played a big part in making it so.

We had a swell time at Chicago. Dolores got there about dark and we went to two or three clubs but everything is expensive. We stayed at the Palmer House which is one of the best. Sunday we went for a long hike around the shores of Lake Michigan and in the P.M. were out to one of her great aunts and we were stuffed with chicken and ice cream.

We had a few more beers Sunday night and took another picture at the Club Casino. I have two kinds so I’ll send them up to you soon. It’s good of Dolores but not me.

We are getting all kinds of new guns, equipment and even Elgin watches for us key men. That is a priority issue so it won’t be too long until we leave, I think. Cliff expects to be on his way by now or soon. I hope he likes the ring.

There is a sleepy rain falling today so I guess I’ll busy myself working on my clothes, room, etc. There is some good music on and I also just heard good news from most of the war theatres. Oh yes, just had chicken (G.I. dinner) again. I am now well rested again and my cold has left me.

I hope you are as good as you were Jean. Is your hubby still jealous of his big brudder? Better not be.

No further news, my friends, so adios for now. Try to visit Milly and the folks as much as gas permits. She was pretty lonesome when she wrote to me.



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