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Lorne November 3rd, 1943

November 30

Soldiers flush out a Japanese hideout on New Guinea

Soldiers flush out a Japanese hideout on New Guinea

“Dear Mom,

Another November rolls around and on the 23rd comes your birthday. Wish I could be home to see you on that date. I don’t think I’ve written since your letter of July 24th but you know we were in combat again shortly thereafter.

By the way I’m doing a Lt. Colonel’s job right now. I have a battalion. It may be only temporary but nevertheless I’m doing it.

We all wish we could go home of course, but there seems to be absolutely no possibility. The only thing we can do to make certain we get home sooner is to beat the Japs out here which in turn means that we must beat Germany first. So we shall be here until Germany goes and we can give our full attention to Japan.

I’m enclosing a little birthday gift for you. Hope you enjoy it.

Love, as always,


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