Beany February 26th, 1944

January 18

Troops Playing Basketball, 1944

Troops Playing Basketball, 1944

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I know mail isn’t as regular as before but there is hardly a thing worth writing about. Nothing changes from day to day but routine Army work and that is a hell of a subject.

I’ve been playing B.B. quite often in a town nearby and our company has been winning every game so far. We have a good bunch of ball players.

You spoke of movies. I haven’t seen one since we left the States. I think the last one is the one Jean and I seen in St. Paul. So you can see my entertainment has slipped considerably. Maybe the States would seem like a new world again. You should try living in complete blackout for a few months!

I’m happy to hear things are well at home. I really don’t approve of Hada working again but if she thinks it’s alright and it would help her keep busy it maybe wouldn’t be so bad.

I have seemed to gripe some in this letter but I’m in a disgusted mood for some unknown reason.

Love, Beany

P.S. Here’s another request for food or candy and tell the post office they’re all wet on that 8 oz. limitation!!”

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