Cliff June 4th, 1944

March 16

US Navy Baseball Team, New Hebrides 1944

US Navy Baseball Team, New Hebrides 1944

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Your V-mail of the 22nd reached me on June 1st. Three letters from Mom came on the same day. I still haven’t received any recent mail from Beany.

Today I’m going to the final game for the baseball championship between the Army & Navy. Each team have won two games so this should be a very interesting contest.

On Friday there was a ceremony here in which two officers were decorated for heroics in battle. An infantry captain received the D.S.C. for bravery and a chaplain received an oak leaf cluster for spiritual guidance to soldiers while under fire from the enemy. I was one of  a hundred enlisted men who acted as an honor guard. We stood formation during the ceremonies and passed in review afterward. It was all very colorful.

Hope you liked your slippers, Jerry. What did you get for your birthday from the rest? I expect my gift from you this week. I’m very anxious to see it!

Best wishes!

Love, Cliff”

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