Nellie December 28th, 1944

April 27

The Infantry School At Ft. Benning, GA

The Infantry School At Ft. Benning, GA

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

We started from Cairo this a.m. at 6:30. Got to Birmingham, Alabama at 7:30. We are staying in a hotel here again tonite. We are 150 miles from Ga. and could drive in but Lorne is pretty tired and its quite foggy. He called his Col tonite.

This is a beautiful place. A very large city. Its so warm here men go in their shirt sleeves. We had supper in the hotel here and we got so much to eat for only 95¢ each. Everybody talks southern.

Sniffy is fine and hes in the hotel with us. He has been very good. We went thru Iowa, Ill, Miss, Kentucky, Tenn, and Alabama. I liked all the states. I cant get over how warm it is here. My window is wide open now.

Ill write when we get to Ga. Love from all. A kiss from Susan.


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