Beany June 23rd, 1945

German POWs Build Barracks, Belgium

German POWs Build Barracks, Belgium

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Not much has happened since my last letter, the latest is that the French are to take over this camp sometime in August. If so, we could either go home for redeployment there or up into Germany to administer a similar set-up. The latter is frowned upon by all.

I took two rolls of film in Paris about a week ago but someone hooked one roll out of the jeep so I won’t have all the interesting shots that I intended to have. I’ll send you some when they are finished. I haven’t seen any pictures of you guys for a long time.

The shoes and your other package both came. Thank you and that Bourbon hit the spot. It’s as scarce as fresh milk over here. Jean, if you baked those cookies, I had many compliments on them from the many friends who dove into them. I salvaged a few for myself.

My typing is improving, I use four fingers now instead of two but mistakes are still very evident.

Hope you liked the gift I sent you. It was all hand made by one of the characters who lives in our city next door. The city with the barbed wire around its city limits. Being around these birds and indirectly doing things for them is not good for one who is mentally unbalanced. Especially after shooting at them for a few months. Don’t get the idea that I’m crazy, it’s just that I hate all Krauts and have trouble keeping myself from putting them away.

S’All for now- these little keys need a rest.

Love, Beany”

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