Beany June 3rd, 1945

GIs Waiting At Camp Tophat To Be Redeployed

GIs Waiting At Camp Tophat To Be Redeployed

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I’m still in a state of unrest waiting to see what will happen. The latest is that all the POW camps will be cleared or turned over to the French within ninety days. We are all supposed to be declared surplus and returned to determine whether we are essential or not. If nothing interferes I should be back by Oct. or Nov. But that big ‘If’ hangs over Officers’ heads.

How long do you think your present job will last Jerry? What do you think of the idea of a small business together? I will be able to finance a good share of it and it should be a good gamble if we could find the right thing. I’ve thought of many things to do but it’s hard to lay plans while over here.

Feeling a little better right along but haven’t shook all my nervousness yet. A few months around home should calm me down.

Love, Beany”

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