Beany May 14th, 1945

VE Day Celebrations In Times Square

VE Day Celebrations In Times Square

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

No doubt you are very happy over the declaration of the German surrender. It is hard to realize for us as it has seemed like such an endless affair. I’ve studied the point system and the reconstruction program. I have the necessary number of points but there are three other factors that will govern the fate of Officers.

They are military necessity, our desire to remain, and whether or not they consider us essential. If I am declared ‘Surplus’, I will return to the States sometime within the next twelve months and then will either be released or reassigned. At my age maybe I would be better off to stay in. It will be difficult  starting from scratch again.

The glasses arrived in good shape and I like them very much. Maybe they will help settle my nervous stomach. When you write to Milly again tell her what they cost and tell her I want her to send you the money for them. Thank you for the trouble.

The pictures I had taken in my new uniforms aren’t ready yet, but should be soon. Hope you will still be able to recognizze me with all the age wrinkles, etc. I’ve even discovered a few gray hairs blossoming out.

That’s about it for this time, hope all of you are well. I imagine you are all together on this Mother’s Day.

Love, Beany”

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