Beany May 25th, 1945

VE Day Parade In France

VE Day Parade In France

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Things are pretty much the same here- haven’t heard what is to happen to any of us yet- if I am lucky enough to be sent home this year. I will have to take another physical and be reviewed by a board. If I were still an enlisted man I would be sure of being released. They say a nervous stomach has no cure but a change and new interests to calm it down so maybe I will get a break.

The glasses are O.K. but I don’t wear them all the time. Just can’t get used to the distraction, I guess.

Suppose you are still busy little bodies every day. How did you celebrate the big Victory Day? I was in a parade in Le Mans and then we hung one on but liquor doesn’t help me much. I really have cut down on the stuff since leaving the States. Be careful.

Love, Beany”

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