Lorne July 6th, 1941 From Wyoming

May 28

Postcard of Fort Crook Bomber Assembly Plant

Fort Crook Bomber Assembly Plant

While stopping in Omaha, Lorne picked up a few postcards to send back home.  He wrote this one to his wife Milly while trying to pass the time traveling across wide, flat Nebraska.

The caption on the back of the postcard reads: “Built at a cost of 13 million dollars, the Fort Crook bomber assembly plant is operated by the Glenn L. Martin Co. of Baltimore. It is here that the sleek B-26 bombers- the World’s fastest- are assembled for America’s armed forces.”

“Been crossing Nebraska all day. Seeing a few hills now in Wyoming but Nebraska is flat as a pancake.

All kinds of Army men on the train. Tiresome riding.

Love, Lorne

Representative of how small a town like Appleton, Minnesota was in those days, Lorne simply had to address the postcard to Mrs. Lorne S. Ward, Appleton, MN.

Appleton Postcard Address

No need for street numbers in Appleton, MN

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