Lorne July 7th, 1941 From Utah

June 3

Salt Lake City

Salt From The Great Salt Lake

“Facts on Great Salt Lake, Utah:  The great Salt Sea is the largest of its character in the world. It is fifteen miles west of Salt Lake City. The topography of the Salt Lake Valley is similar to the Holy Land, inasmuch as it has its Dead Sea, which in turn is fed by the Jordan River.”

“The water is about 22 percent solids, and persons can float upon its surface without effort. The salt industry around the shores of the lake is carried on by several companies, and many thousands of tons are shipped annually, obtained by solar evaporation.”

“Saw my first mountains with snow this morning. Not much to do on the train but play bridge.

Love, Lorne”

  • Lorna Wanous

    Look at that beautiful couple….wow, grandma sure knew how to dress!!

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