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Lorne On The Mariposa July 13th, 1941

June 12

Mariposa Dinner Menu July 13 1941

Mariposa dinner menu for July 13, 1941

Lorne saved most of the menus from his four day voyage aboard the Mariposa. It is fun to see what the passengers ate during what appears to be an elaborate service. I would love to know what exactly is Celery Victor Hugo and I am not so sure about the Jellied Lamb Tongues.

Matson Line Wireless

Matson Line Wireless July 13, 1941

Every morning aboard the Mariposa, Lorne received  a copy of the Matson Line Wireless. This mini newspaper gave a high level summary of what was happening around the world, with most of the stories war related.

“LONDON- The Berlin radio carried a special communique Saturday night that German forces, in a daring assault, had broken through to Stalin line at all decisive points. The Berlin Radio quoted the communique as saying that ‘northeast of the Dneiper, German troops are already standing before Kiev, Capital of the Ukraine.’ German and Rumanian troops from Moldavia, the Radio said, have thrown back Russians along a wide front and beyond the Dneiper River. East of Lake Peipus on the Estonian-Russian border, the Radio continued, German tank units are advancing toward Leningrad, Russia’s second city. The Radio claimed that Vitebsk, 80 miles northwest of Smolensk, ‘Has been in our hands since Friday’.”

The Matson Line Wireless also highlighted seemingly contradictory ship related news and activities. “A tea concert will be presented in the Lounge this afternoon at 4:00. The movies will start in the Lounge this evening at 7:30 showing ‘Western Union’, starring Randolph Scott. Dancing will begin at 9:30 in the Pavilion.”

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