Milly September 14th, 1941

July 21

Southern Pacific Lines Train Menu

Southern Pacific Lines Train Menu

Mid September 1941, Milly and Susan left Minnesota by train bound for San Francisco in order to catch the Lurline to Honolulu. The two were joined on the journey by Milly’s brother Cliff and her parents Magnus and Nellie.

“Dearest Ome,

This writing on the train isn’t so good- too shaky. We just left Sioux City- It was hot there. We’ll be getting into Omaha at 8:00 P.M.

Susan has been pretty good today- I think her cough is looser. She’s tired now, though.

We had dinner in the diner car. Susan liked the finger bowl best! Hope your steak fry turned out O.K.

Greet Jean & Inga, Fred, the girls & whoever else happens to ask about us. How about a letter waiting for me when I get to Hawaii?

Lots of love,

Milly & all

XXXOOO from Susan”

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