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Beany September 20th, 1941

July 23

Dolores Swanstrom

Beany's girlfriend Dolores Swanstrom

“Dear Jerry,

This is the tenth letter I have written you. I have kept a tally of all letters and cards and the total is 54. How’s that?

I rec’d Dolores’ picture today and just finished writing her and thanking her. You weren’t kiddin’ about it being nice. I hung it up on the wall next to my bunk and I suppose every time I look at it I’ll get a bit homesick. However things have been running smoother lately. I haven’t done any gambling due to being broke but I guess my spirits are back to normal.

Tomorrow is my day for K.P. Boy it’s a job here because there are 250 that eat in our mess hall.

I can imagine the sick feeling you got seeing Milly and Susan off. It’s a good thing the Folks could go along. They have written three cards and seem to be enjoying it a lot.

Say kid, if you do get a little ahead I could stand a little reinforcements. I think you’re right about me drawing out more money. I’ll have to stop because I’ll need some for my furlough when that comes.

Your steak fry must have been a big success. No Jerry I’m not surprised. You’re being smart hanging on to her as you know we never did have any fun looking for new ones on some of our little parties. How about you two staying home some night and prepare me some home made candy or something? Be a little domestic- that will cause an impression.

I better go back to bed now as I have a big day ahead washin’ pots, pans and dishes.



P.S. Don’t worry about that draft number. You’re a long way off and they won’t draft many during the winter. This camp is full and it’s one of the largest.

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