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Beany October 7th, 1941

August 6

Camp Wolters

Camp Wolters

“Dear Jerry,

Cliff and Mom both wrote long letters and sent a bunch of pictures of their trip.

We got paid last week so a few of us went over to Dallas and seen the State Fair. We stayed about two hours in the Midway and then got some dates and went to a dance. Their fair isn’t as big as Minnesota’s but they had some good attractions. Ice Capades (just was in St. Paul) Earl Carroll’s Vanities and Orrin Tucker’s Orchestra with Bonnie Baker. These were all too expensive for us to see. Had a good date!

Nothing much new to tell about Camp- still waiting for our 3 day maneuver and the close of our training. The rumors are starting to fly around on where we are going. I’ve already heard about fifty places but of course none of them are true.

We find out about two days before we go. It should be the last of this month. It is still between 80 and 90 degrees here every day- that must sound strange to you because I hear you have had freezing weather.

Cliff told me duck hunting had started.

About your finger and the draft- I couldn’t tell you whether it will keep you out or not. I know there are fellows here with flat feet and the like. Of course, like I said, some boards are more strict than others. Nonetheless don’t let it worry you in the least. As for me I feel better now than I have since High School days and have a tremendous appetite. In fact I’m about to eat my daily pint of ice cream. (10¢ a pint)

I guess I told you I saw the Texas Christian-Tulsa game. We got in for fifty cents with our uniforms on. It was a rotten game tho as both teams fumbled a lot. Of course it was their first game. I hope I see another before we leave here if we do leave this State.

I sleep next to a kid from Texas here and we are going to take pictures in all of our various uniforms. I guess we start wearing our winter issue when we leave here.

So long for now.

As ever,


You & Jeanie better drink a toast to me Sat. night!”

Orrin Tucker Orchestra

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