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Beany October 23rd, 1941

August 17

Lining up at the mess hall

Lining up at the mess hall

“Dear Jerry,

They just turned out the lights so I have to write this down in the latrine (9 o’clock lights out).

They had a farewell party for us in the mess hall tonight. We had large t-bone steaks, french fries, cake, ice cream, etc.  We even had table cloths and some music so it was really a treat and it made me a little homesick again.

I had a little hard luck today. I left my locker open when I went to dinner and some son of a gun stole my watch. It was laying in plain sight in the top tray. The officers called the men together but as yet it hasn’t showed up. It’s my own fault for leaving it open so I can chalk it up to experience. It still may turn up someplace.

I’m going to have my teeth fixed at the next camp and have my eyes tested as I have been getting a few headaches lately. We got our winter issue yesterday. Wool shirts, slacks, dress coats, and overcoats. The coats are the same as the ones we had at the Guards. We didn’t get Garrison caps (those with a visor) or wide brown belts so if either of them happen to be at home with any of that army stuff send them will you?

Well that’s about all the news for now- I will drop a card or two along the way and will write as soon as we get there. It’s 1600 miles from here but not much farther away from home.

Greet your little honey and don’t worry at all about the draft. If you are called you’ll swing into it fast and will feel good to be playing your part.



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