Beany November 1st, 1941

August 20

Carolina Maneuvers

Carolina Maneuvers

At the beginning of November, Beany was involved in the “Carolina Maneuvers”. The maneuvers spanned 16 counties through both North and South Carolina from October 6th to November 30th, 1941. More than half a million troops were involved, nearly one third the U.S. Army at the time. The rolling terrain and numerous streams were considered ideal conditions for exercises in mock warfare.

“Dear Jerry,

Well I’m out at the base camp on maneuvers. Tonight we leave on a problem for 9 days and we have to sleep on the ground and miss a few meals. I guess it’s just like actual war except dummy shells are fired. You take prisoners, etc.

I’m sorry I’ve only had time to write cards- I won’t be able to write at all during the problem so don’t worry if you don’t hear again for a week or two.

The whole bunch of us from Texas were split up into different companies so I have to get acquainted all over.

These maneuvers are plenty tough- God I hope you can get out of it as it gets you in sort of a rut all-right. Maybe I’m dejected because of the conditions we have here.

I haven’t heard from any of you for over a week because the mail is held up from the old camp. Write as often as you can even tho I can’t answer for awhile.



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