Nellie November 3rd, 1941

August 24

Draftees boarding train from Fort Snelling

Draftees boarding train from Fort Snelling

“My Dear Ome,

We got your cards. Thanks. I also got Milly’s robe Tues. It was nice. I sent their box Thurs, so now they should get it for Xmas. You sure must have bought her a nice blouse when you paid so much for it. She sure will be glad.

I had a letter from her Sat. They are all fine. I had such a cute letter from Susan to. We also had a card from Beany Sat. and one from Ome so I felt good when I got mail from all mine kids.

This is Sunday. We had a pork roast, gravy, potatoes, cabbage & carrot salad and apple crisp for dinner. Now I’m going to write letters.

I sent Beany a book of stamps and a carton of cigarettes (Luckies) last week. He sure enjoyed his candy and peanuts and gum I sent him. He said he cut his cake I sent him for Thanksgiving in 25 pieces and shared it with his friends. They all liked it so much. I sure have remembered Beany while away and am going to keep it up as I feel so sorry for him.

I’m afraid it is going to be bad with U.S. & Japan. That will mean war on the Pacific Ocean to, then mail won’t even go there any more. Oh well I’m not going to worry till I have to.

Am going to begin to do some cleaning again for Xmas and start my flat bread and so forth. Only I wish we could all be together. Beany said his furlough would be from 10 to 30 days. He didnt know how much he would get. Cliff is sending him money. You better to, as he may can come now after maneuvers is over, which is Dec 3.

Dad feels better then what he did only he aches so in his body but hes got a cold.  Dad dont even go up town any more nites. He reads then goes to bed.

I sent Susan a Christmas card saying Santa would soon come and see her. Milly & Lorne will get a kick out of that. I bet the cities looks nice now as I read in the paper its all lid up. They have the decorations up here to and were all lid up last nite.

Cliff I guess celebrated last nite. He didnt come home till morning. I spose Ome and Jean were out to some were. Have you decided what to give her for Christmas? What are you giving to Beany?

Be a good boy and write soon. My coat sure feels good. I dont know what I would do without it now. If it hadnt been my boy giving it to me I would not have any.

Love & kisses from us all,


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