Beany November 4th, 1941

August 25

Bridge guard during Carolina Maneuvers

Bridge guard during Carolina Maneuvers

I want mistakes [made] down in Louisiana, not over in Europe, and the only way to do this thing is to try it out, and if it doesn’t work, find out what we need to do to make it work.        -General George C. Marshall

“Dear Jerry,

I’m writing this in a cornfield. The unit I am in have two machine guns mounted protecting a large bridge. We’ve only been here since yesterday so we haven’t seen any action yet however these maneuvers are the real thing except for the ammunition.

We can’t shave or take baths for the next 7 days. I heard today that most of us get furloughs after these are over so I hope to get home for Xmas. The fare alone from here is over thirty dollars.

Have you heard anymore about being drafted?

It is pretty warm here during the day but gets cold and wet during the night, especially with no covers.

I’ll write a long letter when we get back to our base camp. How cold is it there?

Write often.

Brother Beany”

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