Nellie November 4th, 1941

August 26

Lorne and his Commanding Captain

Lorne and his Commanding Captain

“My Dear Jerome,

Well how’s my kid? I should have wrote you a letter tonite but I haven’t any paper. What did you do over the week end?

I’m cleaning up stairs this week. I had a letter from Milly last week. They are fine, only Lorne cant wait till he can come back and teach. He must be home sick. Milly said he had a sneeze from the plants there.

We also had a card from Beany. I guess their maneuvers are going to be plenty hard. Cliff wrote him a long letter last nite. I sent him 2 Sun papers and the press. I’ll send you the press Wed.

It’s snowing and raining tonite. How’s Jean? Tell her Hello. I spose you see her every nite.

Dad’s stomach aint so good.

Well darling please write.



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