Nellie November 5th, 1941

August 27

Old Ludefisk Advertisement

Old Ludefisk Advertisement

“Dearest Ome,

Got your card today. Was glad to hear from you as we hadn’t heard for so long.

Today I cleaned my closet and all the boxes I have you, boy’s things in, also Milly’s. I washed up four sweaters and mufflers and am going to patch them up so you can wear them for work. I hung your overcoats out and put 2 of Beany’s in moth bag and you have a good coat you must take back with you to wear to work. I sewed up the lining and fastened the buttons.

Tomorrow I have to work in Church for ludfisk supper. Wait on the table.

Be careful Ome when you drive around now its so slippery and wet. We’ll look for you Sat eve but please drive careful. Dont come alone. Take someone along.

Love from us,


I am tired tonite I cant write good.”

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