Nellie November 9th, 1941

August 30

Sears Store Minneapolis

Sears Store Minneapolis

“My Dear Boy,

We were in to Sila’s for chicken dinner today. Payne’s and us. What did you do. I sure felt bad you couldn’t come home.

Ome will you do me a favor Tuesday. Will you go to a fur store and get me a $1.00 pelt fur. I have to put a piece in the back of my coat to and I haven’t enough. You can send the fur out C.O.D or you can pay for it and whatever it cost, I’ll send you the money right back soon as I get it. It’s real seal skin fur. Well you know what to get. It will be so nice of you if you will please send it soon as you can.

We had 2 cards from Beany and letter from Milly.



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