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Beany November 10th, 1941

August 31

Carolina Maneuvers

Carolina Maneuvers

“Dear Jerry,

You lucky Dog! Boy you don’t know how lucky you are. I thought this was fairly easy until we hit our regular camp and these maneuvers.

We got back to base camp Friday from the last problem and leave Tuesday for our final and biggest problem that lasts for 12 days. We never take our clothes off and sleep whenever we get a chance. We can’t shave, take baths, etc so it really wears you down.

It has been colder than hell here at night. As soon as the sun goes down, it starts getting cold. It is a very wet and damp cold that bites right thru you. We have our winter uniforms and long underwear but still we freeze.

One day last week we didn’t eat because we move from one place to another (night & day) and our traveling field kitchen can’t always find us. You can imagine how hard it would be with 450,000 men assimilating battle at one time. I’ll be a happy lad when they are over and we go back to our regular camp.

They have an outdoor show for us when we are here at our base camp. They are pretty good but we sit on the ground. That’s the only entertainment we have. See what you’re missing!

Say Jerry, I think I’ll get a furlough in Dec. sometime but I’m going to be short of dough. Cliff wrote and asked if I would need any and I am also asking him for some. The fare alone is over 30 dollars and I only get 27 dollars on the first of Dec. So if you could send me 10 or so about the 1st of Dec I’ll be able to make it.

I’ll try to pay you back after we start getting 30 a month or else when I get back to work and on my feet. I’ve quit gambling so the little I have left in my bank account I want to save. It’s the only way I can see to get home.

Jean must also be very happy. Doggone you kids are sure lucky. Dolores wrote that you three had been on a couple parties together. We’ll all four go on a couple of selectors when I get home. That will be fine if you get my suit and topcoat fixed up. It will seem funny to see snow again.

I’ll write again when we get back to camp around the last of the month. I’ll try to write a card during the problems.

Write again soon and let me know if you are going to send me money.

As ever,


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