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Beany November 21st, 1941

September 9

Carolina Maneuvers

Carolina Maneuvers

“Armstice in the front lines”

“Dear Jerry,

Here we are at dawn waiting to attack the enemy. We’ve been battling our enemy for about 5 days now. The other night our entire regiment was trapped in a large woods by 150 tanks and we escaped after walking about 45 miles.

It is really a colorful sight when we start firing at the enemy with all forms of guns, tanks rolling and airplane bombers diving.

Haven’t shaved, taken a bath or changed clothes for over a week so am really a sight.

Listen to this- we have a bag of two sandwiches and an apple for our Thanksgiving today. I hope you’ve been writing. We haven’t had mail for 5 days. Will write a letter after the 1st.

How many miles on the car now?

As ever,


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