Nellie November 24th, 1941

September 10

Thanksgiving 1941

Thanksgiving 1941

“Dearest Ome,

Whats the matter we haven’t heard from you. I haven’t received Milly’s robe yet either. Hope I get it tomorrow. I have all the other things rapped.

I had a card from Beany today. Guess the maneuvers are pretty hard on him. He asked for spending money, stamps and cigarettes so I sent him that today and Sun paper and a letter. I sure feel sorry for him. He’s looking so for his furlough. You better write to him.

I had a letter from Milly Sun to. I had Roy and Alvira, Neil, grandma & Lila for a 5 o’clock dinner Sun. What did you do?

Dad feels pretty good now. You better get Milly box sent soon. Please write so we know how you are.


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