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Milly December 1st, 1941

September 15

Trader Vics Menu 1941

Trader Vic's Menu 1941

“We went here after the football game.  The couple with us had seen Doris Duke (the millionairess) in here one night- It’s quite popular.

We had ‘wun tun’ to eat. It’s something like french fries with pork inside. You dip them in chili sauce.

We had a Tonga- that’s half a Zombie!

Lorne also had a Wahine (that means ‘girl’ over here & is what they have on all women’s lavatories). The Wahine was served in a coconut shell.

Be sure to send this on- No, don’t bother. I’ll send one each to Cliff & Beany.”

Trader Vic's Drinks Menu

Trader Vic's Drinks Menu

Postcard on back of Trader Vic's Menu

Postcard on back of Trader Vic's Menu

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