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Milly December 3rd, 1941

September 17

Milly and Susan with Lorne's car

Milly and Susan with Lorne's car

“Hi Jerry!

You’re really getting a little letter again- Guess I’ll have to write you more of them so I’ll get some back. I haven’t heard from you for quite awhile.

It’s kind of hard for me to get letters written except when Susan is asleep because she climbs all over me when she’s awake so I have to hurry through them.

Your Xmas gift is in Mom & Dad’s box- don’t open it until Xmas Eve! Wish we could be there with you all.

Yes, I sent Jean a card. I know you’d want me to. Don’t get too serious about anything before we get back- I don’t want to miss out on anything! Of course this would be a perfect place to come on a honeymoon!

Did you get the Thanksgiving menu we sent you or maybe we didn’t now that I think of it- we know that you’ll always see anything we send to Mom & Dad.

I’ve written to the folks too so you can get all the news from their letter.

How’s the car working? Wouldn’t mind seeing it pull up here to take us for a ride- That breezy affair of Lorne’s kinda gets me down occasionally especially when we’re going somewhere & I arrive with my hair all blown.

Merry Christmas Ome.


Milly, Lorne, Susan XXOO”

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