Beany December 6th, 1941

September 20

Fort Jackson, S.C.

Soldiers at Fort Jackson, S.C. from David C. Foster

“Dear Jerry,

Wow! It sounds like I’m about to get my first Sister-In-Law. I’m very happy to hear you are so thick with a swell gal like that. You alone are the one to know when the right one is found. That certainly is a marvelous gift- she no doubt will be bubbling over with happiness.

Binding your friendship like that is swell but in these unsettled times you both had better use your own common sense before you take the final step. I mean about you’re being drafted, etc. Maybe I’m making it sound more serious than it is, eh?

No more definite news as to the exact time of my furlough but everyone is getting one. There are going to be two periods with 50 per cent leaving at one time. It’s pretty definite that the two periods are twelve days. One from the 16th to the 28th and the other from the 28th to the 8th of January.

I don’t know whether I’ll get my choice or not but if I do I’ve been thinking pretty strongly about the last one. I’ll miss Xmas day at home but if I took the last one I’ll be there for New Years and then everyone will be over the Xmas rush and I’ll have a chance to visit more of my friends. If I took the first one I would have to rush back about the night of the 25th as it will take between 36 and 48 hours for the trip.

I hate to miss Xmas at home but I’ve figured that whenever I get home it could still be a Xmas even though it won’t be on the date. What do you think would be best? I also asked the folks so between all of us we’ll figure out the best time- If I get my choice.

The last few days we have been cleaning our clothes and equipment and getting quite a bit of rest. There won’t be much more to do before leaves start.

Thanks very much for the two fins! Cliff also sent twelve dollars so I now will have enough to get home on. You both will be repaid some day when I get back on my feet. Maybe my gambling luck will change after the holidays.

I’m writing five letters this afternoon besides getting ready for tomorrow’s weekly inspection. Letters to Jim, Wards, Cliff, Christ & you. Jennie sent me a letter when we were out on the field and enclosed six postal cards, some gum and stamps. Yesterday I got a can of potatoe chips, peanuts and carmel corn. Mighty nice of them.

Will let you know more definitely as soon as I hear. I’m going to really enjoy that first one. Suppose you and Jim each have your vaseline jars ready for me.


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